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Factors to Consider When Dressing up Your Pet Pets are known to be mans best…

Factors to Consider When Dressing up Your Pet

Pets are known to be mans best friend considering their loyalty and friendliness. If you log in to Instagram today, you will probably notice a trending pets outfit from different parts of the world. Though some people prefer to dress their pets when they are indoors, note that you can wear them for travels and other outdoor activities. Before you decide to dress your pet, ensure that they will be safe and feel respected in the outfit. The article herein discusses some of the ways through which you can dress up your pet.

Before you introduce clothing to your pet, consider the size. Pets like to move and maneuver; thus the outfit should not derail their freedom of movement. The clothing should be fitting to avoid the pet from removing it off and probably destroying the clothing. It is also important to note that you should avoid buttons and zippers in the pets clothing because they are dangerous. If you use a zipper, for example, your pet may get them off and swallow them, forcing to see a veterinary doctor.

Do not wake up one morning and decide to dress up your pet; make it a gradual process. Allow them to smell the clothing for a few days to allow them to become comfortable with the outfit. With time you can fully introduce the clothing to your pet and reward it with treats to encourage it to be compliant. To prevent the dog from getting into a dangerous mess, you should use an outfit that is considerate of its health.

Besides, you should be considerate of your pets body language to see if it is upset or uncomfortable especially when you dress them for the first time. A pet that is not comfortable will either lower its head or flatten its ears; hence you should remove the outfit off and start the process afresh. If they continue resisting the clothing, you should respect their wish and remove the outfit.

Still, you should consider factors such as age, fur and the level of activity of your dog when introducing an outfit for it. A dog that has thick fur may not feel comfortable at all in the clothing because the body temperature will rise too high posing a lot of health issues on your dog. Introducing the idea of clothing to an older dog can be difficult. Similarly, if you have a hyperactive dog, then the chances are that the clothing will become a mess quickly. Ensure that you are with your dog most of the time to help them in case they are uncomfortable.