All You Need To Know About the non-slip Floor Cleaners

For a quite while, slip prevention has been a common practice in the workplaces. But these days, a number of companies are manufacturing non-slip floor cleaner products for the domestic market of different styles and patterns. The non-slip floor cleaners are mainly used in the buildings with a huge amount of foot traffic like cafeterias, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, conference centres, and common areas. These cleaners make sure that the floors remain sparkling clean while ensuring that the floors won’t become slippery or cause an accident.

But before learning more about this cleaner type, let’s get some details about non-slip flooring and the ways to clean it.

Details of non-slip flooring:

The non-slip flooring types are mainly used as these increase the safety of rooms. This type of flooring is usually used in the high traffic areas and in the places where there is a chance of water build-up. The combination of moisture and high footfall leads to quick build up of grime and dirt.

Why is it so tough to clean the non-slip flooring?

Thorough and proper cleaning is an important part of maintaining floors to ensure safety. Besides, this also helps the floors to remain clean for a longer period of time. Offering a hygienic and clean environment is necessary. And at the same time, effective cleaning is also important to ensure that the floor performs according to the expected standards.

The surface of the anti-slip flooring ensures that the floor connects with the floor even while there are surface contaminants available. While kept clean, the surface aggregates decrease the risk of slip to one in a million while breaking through the contaminants. A hazardous level of contaminant and dirt development can take place on the floor surface if proper cleaning process is not followed. This increases the risk of slip. In this case, a non-slip floor cleaner product can help.

What are the non-slip floor cleaners?

These cleaners are basically de-greasers, multi-purpose cleaners and also maintainers of anti-slip flooring. This type of cleaner comes with a neutral PH level and this makes it strong for tough stains and gentle for the floor. The best thing about this cleaner is that this can remove oil and grease from the pores and from the floor surface as well. Besides, this floor cleaner comes with some special additives that enhance the coefficient of friction beyond the normal level. So, whether used periodically or daily, this cleaner can maintain all the non-slip properties after performing an anti-slip treatment on the floor.

How do the non-slip floor cleaners help?

The non-slip floor cleaner products work quite similarly as other floor cleaner types. And these also don’t need any special procedures or steps to follow. After application, this cleaner can leave the floor clean and residue free while removing grease, soil and any other types of contaminants from the deep layer. All these things result in increased traction. Another best thing about this cleaner is that it is biodegradable. So, it is ideal for people, who worry about the environmental footprint.