Finish your Garden with Decorative Bark

There are many uses for decorative bark within the garden. It is versatile for tidying…

There are many uses for decorative bark within the garden. It is versatile for tidying borders, creating pathways and a host of other uses. One advantage it has is how environmentally-friendly it is. It can also enrich your soil in a natural, effective way and also suppresses weeds without harmful chemicals.


There are always bare spaces in borders and shrubberies that cannot seem to be filled due to unsuitable conditions such as dense shade or perhaps where an old shrub has had to be removed. A layer of bark used as a mulch will add an even, uniform appearance allowing the different areas of the border to blend well. It is also invaluable in creating a clean and tidy look in rockeries and borders when placed around small bedding plants or delicate specimen shrubs. The dark colour and rich texture of the bark highlights all shades of foliage and provides an attractive contrast to bright flowers adding a perfect finishing touch.


As a weed control, decorative bark cannot be surpassed. Applied in a thick layer of two to three inches deep, it smothers germinating seedlings depriving them of oxygen and light. In the long term, this will pay dividends as the cycle of weeds setting seed to increase their numbers is interrupted for long enough to prevent them returning. Maintenance in the garden, particularly during the spring and summer is reduced leaving you more time to relax and enjoy admiring your flowers and shrubs. As soon as bark is applied, it immediately adds a finishing touch to beds and borders making them look tidy and well cared for.


If you need a walking area in a hurry then bark provides the perfect answer as it can form a pathway in just an hour or two. It can be used to create highly imaginative curves and even branching sections that would be far more difficult with traditional slabs or concrete. In addition it needn’t be permanent. If you want to change the layout of your garden, bark can simply be lifted and placed elsewhere. If you are creating a new garden or redesigning an existing one but feel limited by your budget, bark is an economic, cost effective material that will add a perfect finishing touch.


Made from the discarded outer layers of conifer trees that are primarily used in the timber industry, decorative bark is a sustainable, renewable product that would otherwise go to waste. It’s manufacture is low in energy, it’s vegan-friendly and wildlife loves it. It helps to provide a balanced ecological structure within your garden providing shelter for tiny invertebrates that wild garden birds feed on throughout the year. Blackbirds and robins in particular are fond of searching through it. And you can be confident that they are not going to be harmed by chemicals or pesticides. Whenever you’re about to embark on a garden project visit Greenvale for bark that will add the perfect finish.