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Different virtual writing tools which can be accessed by visiting the web can be used by students to improve their grammar and spelling. The tools are becoming increasingly popular because they benefit students and teachers as well. What is more the virtual tutors are commonly used by writers and bloggers. The tools assist the students to learn more by offering a wide range of opportunities to assist them when teachers are unavailable.

Teachers also use the tools to work on their workloads since they automate processes like proofreading and grammar checking. The tools assist the students to improve their errors by giving corrective feedback. The tools can be used by the second language students to foster independent learning. The consistent and detailed feedback given by the tools can be used to improve the general performance of the students.

To identify and correct the errors on their written assignments the students can use these tools. Second language learners can use the tools to detect the grammatical errors on their assignments . The tools allow the students to view the errors and makes recommendations on the appropriate solutions . The tools can also be used by the teachers during peer assessment . The students can use the tools to see if their peers have corrected the highlighted errors. Several teachers have recommended the virtual tools to their colleagues to assist them to identify the punctuation and spelling errors of the students. The tools significantly reduce the time needed to provide corrective feedback to the students.

The process of looking for a writing tutor should start by a detailed examination of its features, vendors and system capabilities. Noting the feature of each virtual tool during the search process is highly recommended.It is also advisable to look for more information including the terms, prices, storage and the process of upgrading the account.

The internet hosts a wide range of virtual writing tools. The general recommendation of this article is to carry out a detailed comparison of the features of the tools before subscribing to one tool. The plans are influenced by the cost, features and the general standing of the vendor. The best approach is to learn about the tool you wish to purchase to avoid changing the tools frequently which can be costly. The reviews of the tools and the ratings of the satisfied users can be helpful when deciding which virtual tool to purchase. Whichever virtual writing tools you finally choose you are assured that your grammar, spelling and writing will improve once you start using it. The tools have basic editing and proofreading features which will highlight the errors you make on your work.

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