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Stainless Steel and Aluminum Can Benefit from Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting was first introduced in the 1950s. It got better since then and demonstrated how very effective it is as a method to cut practically any even material, such as stainless steel as well as aluminum.

The waterjet cutter utilizes a stream of water at high pressure to slice through or cleanse materials. Such a cutter is typically joined to a water pump of high-pressure in which water is ejected via the nozzle that subsequently cuts through a thing with highly pressurized water. The process may be supported by additives in the shape of abrasives.

The following are a few benefits of utilizing a waterjet cutter for aluminum sheet and stainless stee;

Waterjet’s Power
While initially, you probably will not expect the water to actually be a powerful cutting device, waterjets are able to slice through to the extent of an 8-inch plate of stainless steel or 10-inches plate of aluminum.
No Heat

Water jet cutting is ideal for materials that are very sensitive to intense heat, which is often the result of applying other methods. This absence of heat-affected-zone, otherwise HAZ, decreases the effects of such high temperature that allows the cutting of metal without changing or else damaging the objects being cut on the surface.

Extreme Accuracy
Waterjet cutters are extremely precise because they can attain a 0.005″ accuracy or 0.13 mm, and 0.001″ or 0.03 mm repeatability. Using the waterjet technique to cut through steel or aluminum is not just precise, but it likewise produces a spike-free finish. This does away with the need to carry out a consequential surface finishing most of the time, which can save you some amount of money.

Using the waterjet for cutting projects is speedy as well as efficient. This is due to the reasons that follow:

1. The set-up periods are brief.

2.The process of cutting is quicker compared to the other methods.

3. Re-cutting is prevented as a result of the precision of a waterjet.

Ecologically Sensible
Waterjets make use of green technology First of all the cutting process does not produce any harmful waste. Next, as large pieces of scrap material which are reusable can be sliced off, the water jet eliminates unnecessary wastes that are often a result when utilizing traditional cutting procedures.

Using the waterjet cutter for steel and aluminum is even more beneficial. The waterjet does not use too much water. It uses only around one gallon or even one half gallon of water per minute. The amount is determined by the cutting head’s aperture size.

Additionally, water that has been used is reusable by means of close-looped systems. Waste water maybe filtered and disposed of in the drain because it is clean enough most of the time.

Safer Work Surroundings
Waterjet cutters eliminate airborne dust elements. smoke, fumes, and other contaminants as a result of cutting materials. The machine operator’s work situation becomes a lot better and problems resulting from exposure are less likely to happen.

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