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Simple Steps to Help You Enjoy the Gods Unchained Trading Card Game

Gods unchained is one of the best online trading card game in the world today. Playing this card game is the best thing a player can do as is it is fun to be in the game. In addition to that, it is important to know that for those who love speed in trading card games, gods unchained is your best option. With that information, it may sound like gods unchained is similar to other trading card games but that’s not true. One of the unique thing that you need to know about gods unchanged is that the payer can not only buy but also trade the cards as they have real ownership of the cards. To be a member of the God’s Unchained community, the following are important things that will assist you.

The very first thing that one needs to consider doing is to look for the God’s Unchained website. In the website, you will get the right information on how not only to buy but also to play the game. You also get a list of all the cards in the beginning season as well as a helpful page with frequently asked questions.

From that step; it is now time to connect to metamask. Metamask is an extension that helps one to buy, send, receive and manage their digital assets on the ethereum blockchain. All the purchases and trading is done with cryptocurrency ETH. You need also to know that metamask browser is available for download for those using Firefox, chrome as well as opera.

In this case, where after accessing the metamask account, you can now purchase cards. The gateway to experiencing the goodness that comes with is this online trading card gem is only installing metamask. Depending on the amount you decide to pay, you will get a pack with several high-level cards that will help you play well. You need to enter the card purchase, confirm the order, and within a few minutes you get the cards.

Once you have purchased your card packs, it is important to now open them. You will need to select the open pack menu and from there open the card packs displayed on the lower left. With the card pack open, it is now time to enjoy the game and do what you please. It is also vital to know that you have an inventory where you get to see all your card collection and the rare cards you own.

With the above simple steps, one can purchase and enjoy this digital trading game. There is the need to ensure that you get to look for the God’s Unchained site, use metamask to connect and after making your purchase start to enjoy the game.

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