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Benefits Of Attending College Education Education is the only way to succeed in this life….

Benefits Of Attending College Education

Education is the only way to succeed in this life. Without education it is not easy to make it in this world. The relevance of going to school is expanding our minds and getting a good job. There are times that people are not able to acquire education due to issues like financial constraints or lack of motivation. Completing a college education is not an easy task that some people need some push.

There are many people that succeed through education in the world. There are many celebrities that have pursued college education that people can get some encouraged from them. Among the celebrities is Natalie Portman, a film producer, this an actor that graduated with a degree in psychology from Harvard University. Her psychology degree has helped her know how to handle different people. It has also helped her to emulate various characters when she is acting. And as a result she won an academy award for being the best actress.

Lupita Nyongo is also another celebrity that has made it through education. Lupita is an actor that won for an Oscar award. She won the trophy after completing the film of twelve years as a slave. Lupita graduated from Yale University with a masters degree. John Legend is also a famous musician. John legend graduated from Pellenslavyia university. The musician is also a philanthropist that advocates for equal education rights to all people. He understands the benefits of education and wishes the same to all people regardless of their social status. This proves clearly that education can change peoples lives.

Emma Watson is also a celebrity that has made it in education. She is an actor and a graduate of Brown University. Emma has pursued a bachelor of English and literature. The course has been of great help to the actor throughout her acting. Emma had to go back to school even when she had succeeded in acting top complete her degree. Canon OBrian, he is a famous comedian, a television host and a producer. He is a graduate of Harvard University. The comedian started his career back in the university.

All the people that have been mentioned are people that pursued a college education. Apart from securing a lucrative job position, education makes people think outside the box. Many people nowadays have the wrong notion of education; they only go to school to get a stable job. Education helps to grow mentally and see things in a different dimension. As a result all people should have a good education no matter the situations that surround them. Education is the key to eradicating poverty and illiteracy in the society. If at all other people have made it, us too can do it.