How to choose the perfect furniture for the kitchen?

When it comes time to choose the furniture for our kitchen there is a mix of emotions, happiness emblazoned on our faces to finally have a kitchen dream, but at the same time there is a certain anxiety and fear. We know, in fact, that a complete kitchen is not an item to be bought at every wish or desire … not at all! It is something expensive, an investment, that costs and takes time to pay. Of course, it’s worth it, bet on a good kitchen, value not only your home, but also feel good in this place of ‘work’ or leisure. We talk at work, because we know that sometimes cooking is a task a little obligatory in our day to day.

Although many homes already come with this integrated architectural proposal, there is always a day when you need to change it, modernize it to your liking and that matches your dream! If you think it’s time to throw down the old kitchen or you’re building a home and you need tips on how to perfectly furnish your kitchen, then do not miss out on this inspiring article full of interesting tips and hints, with inspiring images.

The size of the kitchen

The size of the kitchen is not changeable unless you build your home from scratch and can plan this detail. Otherwise you will only have to accept and do the best you can with the space that grants you, the greater difficulty may be attached in the case of small kitchens. However, the solutions that we find in the market today are space-efficient and supportive of any size, there is always the possibility of having a kitchen on the measure, it is a way to monetize all the square meters of the surface. When the kitchen is well thought out and planned, it is possible to have all the accoutrements that coat it and make it one of the prime divisions of our house. Having said that, size can not be a barrier or a demotivation to start with the works, you can always put the idea of ​​American kitchens on the table and move forward with the project. The solutions are more than many and cover all sizes of kitchens.

After we talk about the size we pay attention to the different formats that can be found in a kitchen, not all have the shape of a square, some are more geometric, due to the architecture of the house. Once you have the perfect notion of the lines of your kitchen, you can find a plan to design your furniture, as they will themselves form shape into the kitchen.

Let’s look at the different kitchen formats:

– U-shape: one of the simplest models to optimize space and have everything at your disposal.

– L-format: in this format it is quite easy to work and to move around. The smaller part is usually used for a workbench or even an integrated meal table.

– In-line format: ideal for narrow, long places, more tidiness / more limited organizations. Do not forget the need to open the cabinets and have room to move around, like cooking with all the convenience.

– Format in double line: kitchens are formed by parallel corridors. There is more storage capacity and the countertops are wider. However, the two separate zones do not optimize circulation.

– American kitchen: a shape that can be coordinated with any furniture distribution and shape. It also allows the communication of two spaces. For your info, you can get your kitchen supplies from Wholesale Kitchen Supplies & Accessories from

Regardless of the format you choose or have, the most important thing is to be adaptable to your routine and feel good inside.