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All You Need to Know About Your Body Type and What Foods To Eat

How your body stores fat and where it stores can have a significant influence on not just your weight but also your overall health. Well, basically, this whole of how and where the fat is stored in the body is what eventually gives us our different body types. It is no wonder you must learn about your body type so you can find the most customized solution for your weight and fitness goals. You should also keep in mind the fact that some fats can be hard to lose and break down as compared to others, explaining why people respond differently to different exercise and diet routines and techniques. So let’s dive right into the body typing science business that says the shape of your body has all to do with how you lose weight.

We have the apple body type that is characterized by broad shoulders, a thick torso, tiny legs, hips, and arms. When you gain any form of weight in this category, it will be redirected straight to your abdomen. How about you look more on healthy fats like salmon, avocados, chia seeds, walnuts, and nut butters among others. But remember, healthy fats is just half the belly battle won, you must watch your carb intake especially simple carbs such as sugary snacks. The best approach is to limit your carb intake to about 40 percent of your overall daily calories.
The other popular body type is known as pear shaped defined by a tiny waist, broad hips and thighs and narrow shoulders. Every pear shape body type should look at building lean muscles and ensuring they have maintained healthy body weight. Your diet should constitute healthy fats, lean proteins and leafy greens. The things a pear shape body type should avoid include instant oatmeal, ketchup, pasta sauce, peanut butter, bread and pretty much anything and everything that has over processed sugars.

We have the hourglass body type with the weight distributed evenly and a well-defined waist. What this means is that excess fats will be distributed evenly at the top and bottom parts of your body. And you guessed it right every woman desires for this body shape because the curves are well defined in all the right places, but weight gain can be pretty easy. Weight gain can get out of hand very easy because as the weight is distributed all over the body, it can be difficult to see the changes and make the right decision. Your best bet is to eat high-quality complex carbs with lots of veggies while avoiding artificial sugars and high fats. Having said that, remember you are not made to factory settings where you are limited to only one body type, you can have different characteristics of more than one body type.

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